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Procedure to find your Canada eTA

Canada, its sumptuous landscapes, its maple syrup and its charming cities attract many tourists each year.

For a stay of less than 6 months in Canada : You can carry out the formalities for entering Canada directly via the Internet by clicking on the online form. It is not necessary to obtain an appointment at the Canadian embassy or consulate.

If you are planning to go to Canada, we explain how to apply for an eTA. If you have applied for an eTA, but you do not know how to find it, we will quickly present this electronic travel authorization to you before explaining how to find it.

What is the eTA Travel Authorization?

Before being able to find your eTA, it is important to know what it is and above all to understand how it works.

The eTA Electronic Travel Authorization is mandatory in order to be able to travel to Canada for a maximum of 6 months or for transit before a final destination. Citizens of certain countries, including England, are exempt from visa requirements and can therefore apply for eTA provided they have a valid passport. Note that the visa application is much more complicated than the eTA application.

The validity period of the eTA is five years, which allows travelers to make several stays on Canadian territory unless the passport linked to the application is no longer valid. In this case, you must renew your passport and submit a new eTA application.

No need to go to the consulate or the embassy to apply for an eTA. It is quite possible to apply for an eTA on the official website of the Canadian government, all you have to do is fill out the form. However, if you wish to be assisted in this process, some private sites like our partner offer to carry out this task for you.

Whatever the order method, you receive an acknowledgment of receipt, or even the agreement, within a few minutes. However, the check may take longer, but it will normally not take more than a few days.

Good to know: the eTA allows you to travel to Canada, however, it is only a pass allowing you to reach Canadian soil, you will still have to go through customs before leaving. to fully enjoy your stay.

Have you applied for an eTA by completing the online form made available on the official website or a private platform and can no longer find it? We explain how to proceed to recover your eTA in the next paragraph!

Procedure to find your eTA

You will not be asked for your eTA document by agents at the airport. Indeed, your authorization is simply linked to your passport number and is recorded by the electronic systems. All you need to do is present your valid passport when checking in before flying to Canada and when going through customs.

Nevertheless, if you wish to check before leaving that you have received the authorization, it is possible to consult its status online. Whether you ordered your eTA on our partner’s platform or on the Government of Canada website, the process to find it remains the same. To do this, you need to visit the official website. A page is dedicated to checking the status of the electronic travel authorization which will allow you to retrieve the eTA. Note that this same page allows you to check the status of your eTA, when it is pending.

Several fields must be completed, you must first specify that you are the holder of an eTA and that you wish to consult your file in order to recover it. You must then bring your eTA number; the latter was sent to you by e-mail. You will also be asked for your passport number, the country of issue as well as the date of issue and expiry of it. Once all the information has been provided, click on “check the status of your request”.

Here you are, you have just found your eTA

For a lost Canada eTA, the search procedure is also to be done on the official Canadian government website. For more information, visit this article.

We wish you a wonderful trip to Canada!