Visa for Canada


Since June 2023: 13 new visa-free countries. list of countries

Presentation of the official eTA Canada website

To travel to Canada, a residence permit is required. Depending on the nature of the stay and the country of origin, the request must be for a Canadian visa or an eTA Electronic Travel Authorization.

For a stay of less than 6 months in Canada : You can carry out the formalities for entering Canada directly via the Internet by clicking on the online form. It is not necessary to obtain an appointment at the Canadian embassy or consulate.

The Electronic Travel Authorization application can only be made on the Internet on the official website of eTA Canada. We present to you the eTA Canada website set up by the Canadian government.

The information contained on the official eTA Canada website

The official eTA Canada website is easy to use and clear. Unfortunately, not all information is easy to find.

To find the Canada eTA application page, go to the Government of Canada website and select the immigration and citizenship section; the eTA application being under the responsibility of the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). The site offers you to check if you need a visa or an eTA by answering a simple question concerning your nationality.

Before accessing the Canada eTA application form , an overview of the process is presented to you in 5 steps: the documents to be prepared before completing the form, the form to be completed, the payment of the application fee of CAN$7, the response by email and possibly the additional supporting documents. A help, in the form of PDF, can also be consulted, and this, in 18 languages. This help details how to complete the online form. In case of questions, click on the FAQ link

The official eTA Canada website presents briefly what the eTA is on the page “know what is an electronic travel authorization”. We read there that the eTA authorization is an entry requirement intended for nationals of countries exempt from the visa obligation (the list of countries benefiting from the visa exemption is available on the page “admission requirements according to the country or territory”, a link is present on the page). Note that English citizens are eligible. The eTA is only required for arrivals by international flights, including transit through Canadian territory. It is electronically linked to the passport (therefore be careful in the event of a new passport or a change in the information contained) and has a maximum validity period of 5 years. During the 5 years of validity, the number of stays is not limited, but they cannot exceed 6 months. The eTA does not guarantee entry into Canadian territory, this decision is up to the border services officer. The agent studies the travel documents (passport, AVE, exit ticket, proof for minors, etc.) to make his decision. You may also be asked a few questions.

Apply on the eTA Canada website

The eTA application can only be made on the government’s eTA Canada website. However, you are free to make the request yourself or go through a private platform, so that a team of professionals makes the request on your behalf. No need to go to the Canadian Embassy, the latter is not able to help you in this process.

The application form on the eTA Canada website can be completed by the traveler himself or by a third party, this is the first question asked. It is not possible to make a group request, so each request must be entered and paid individually.

If a person completes the form on behalf of a third party, they must introduce themselves, indicate their relationship with the traveler and enter their personal information.

To complete the form, it is important to bring your passport (or that of the applicant) and a payment card. A valid passport is required, a validity period of 6 months is recommended. The form is divided into 3 parts:

A section of the form is reserved for your date of arrival in Canada. However, this question is optional, because it is quite possible to order an eTA without a specific project.

In order to validate the eTA application form, the applicant must sign a consent and pay the eTA fee .

Processing of the Canada eTA application

Once the request has been made on the official eTA Canada website, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt by email. It is quite possible that you will receive your final answer at the same time. The response can then be positive (approval of the eTA request) or negative. In the event of refusal of authorization, it is always possible for you to make a request for visa or PVT near the Canadian embassy. Be careful to have a biometric (or electronic) passport for this request.

It may happen that the request is pending, that is to say that a definitive answer is given to you within a few days or that the Canadian authorities contact you by e-mail to obtain more information. If this is the case, the procedure to follow is detailed in the contact e-mail.

The travel authorization must be obtained, on the official AVE Canada site or a private site, before leaving, because without it, you are not admissible on Canadian soil. You cannot even board for your stay in Canada, the airlines having the obligation to verify your data.