Visa for Canada


Since June 2023: 13 new visa-free countries. list of countries

Formalities for entering Canada

The Electronic Travel Authorization Canada (eTA Canada) is an automated travel authorization system for travel to Canada. The implementation of this electronic device dates from September 2016. This compulsory certificate, which must be obtained prior to your stay in Canada, is subject to payment. It allows you to enter Canada without applying for a Canadian visa. The request for an eTA must be made online and before issuing the boarding pass for Canada.

For a stay of less than 6 months in Canada : You can carry out the formalities for entering Canada directly via the Internet by clicking on the online form. It is not necessary to obtain an appointment at the Canadian embassy or consulate.

End of entry restrictions due to COVID health crisis

Since May 2023, all restrictions imposed on foreign travelers by the COVID 19 health crisis have been lifted. It is no longer necessary to be vaccinated against COVID 19 to travel to Canada. You no longer need to fill in the ArriveCAN application when you plan to arrive in Canada. You can read our updated article on COVID restrictions Canada.

What is the Canada eTA used for?

This electronic pre-travel document helps to enhance internal security regarding flights and maritime transport to Canada. As part of your eTA application for Canada, by providing your information before the flight, the system can then verify that you meet the criteria for acceptance on Canadian soil even before your arrival. Previously, this control was done directly at the border post.

This is a questionnaire to be completed on the Internet, the answers to which will determine whether or not you accept the eTA. The questions are simple and sometimes surprising; they are intended to assure the Canadian authorities that you have no connection with a terrorist organization, that you are not a criminal, and so on. This questionnaire replaces the green form that was provided to you during the flight.

eTA easier to get than visa

The usefulness of the eTA is confirmed for very specific trips: tourism, transit or a business trip. When you go to Canada for one of these reasons, and the trip is limited to a maximum of 6 months, you can take advantage of a simpler system than the Canadian tourist visa, thanks to the eTA. Not only does the travel authorization process only require a few clicks on the Internet, but it will not require you to pay hundreds of dollars as is generally the case with a Canada visa. The eTA is the solution to go easily and cheaply to Canada.

Below is an illustration of a Canadian entry visa.

Canada visa photo

How to access the application form?

Accessing the form is easy. You complete your eTA application directly on the Internet and the processing is automatic. The response (acceptance or refusal) is almost immediate, however it is recommended to make the request as soon as your trip is planned.

The registration site is in English and you will have support and assistance at all times. In addition, your contact details and your receipt will be saved on the site, which can prove useful in the event of loss.

eTA authorization in brief

The eTA authorization is not a tangible document such as a passport. This is an answer that can be found on the Internet, via your account created when applying for eTA. When you submit the online form, the computer systems process your data as well as the answers to the questions, in order to determine if your file validates the conditions of acceptance. Therefore, you must stay tuned and take the initiative yourself to visit the website to see the result of your query. If you receive confirmation of your trip to Canada via an eTA, nothing prevents you from printing the message, but it is not mandatory. The Canadian authorities will be able to view your file directly on their IT tools.

Are there any benefits for travelers?

Yes, travelers also gain because when they travel with an eTA they do not have to apply for a visa. However, certain conditions must be met. Indeed, you must be part of one of the countries that has signed the recognition of the visa exemption (of which Europe is a part). You will have to stay a maximum of 6 months on Canadian territory; in addition, the reason for the trip is restricted: transit, tourist or business stay. In addition, like many countries, Canada requires visitors to hold an electronic or biometric passport in the process of being validated. If you meet all of these obligations, your trip to Canada should go smoothly thanks to the eTA. The price of the eTA as well as its simplified online procedure are a real advantage for travelers wishing to travel to Canadian territory.

How long is this request valid?

After you have applied, your residence permit can be used for five years or until your passport expires. on the other hand, your duration of stay on Canadian territory must not exceed 6 months. You can come and go on Canadian territory several times until the 6 months expire.

Is there a risk of being refused an eTA?

Rest assured, almost every request results in a positive response. AVE travel authorization refusals are explained by input errors, and of course by non-compliance with the conditions of the authorization (excessive stay, expired passport, etc.). If you correspond well to the few obligations of the program, there is no doubt that your stay in Canada can be done via an eTA. Take the time to check your data before validating the sending of the form, a typo can easily slip in. In case of refusal, you will have to wait 10 days before being able to submit a new request.

How to get a tourist visa for Canada

The application for a Canadian tourist visa is made at the Canadian consulate in your country of origin. The process of obtaining a tourist visa for Canada takes place in several stages. unlike the process of obtaining a US visa, the Canadian visa is obtained without having to pass a physical interview at the Canadian Embassy. The main steps of the Canadian tourist visa are as follows:

  1. First of all you have to check that you are eligible to obtain a Canada tourist visa;
  2. Then you must create a visitor access on the administrative Internet portal of Canada: the IRCC ;
  3. Once connected, you must complete all the documents required for the Canadian tourist visa;
  4. Once completed, you can finally validate your Canadian visa application;
  5. You will then also need to attach all the documents requested by the administration of Canada to finalize your tourist visa application;
  6. When you have sent the documents relating to the application, all you have to do is wait for the return of the tourist visa processing service. The visa department may contact you for additional information.
  7. Once your application is accepted, all you have to do is send your passport to be stamped by the official Canadian visa service.